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Come join us the second Friday of every month for Fellowship, Recovery and game day. Meeting starts at 12:30, movie at 2 and games. Shuffle board and Foozeball.

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What Is the BoMar Club

The BoMar Club is a 501(C)(3)non-profit organization formed to help people in recovery from alcoholism and addiction.
We are governed by a Board of Directors and rent meeting space to 12 step and recovery groups. ( Ask about space if you want to start a meeting or rent space for another family oriented event.) We operate with the rent we get from groups, donations, memberships, grants and fundraisers. (We accept donations).The BoMar Club was awarded a grant through the ( DHHR-Behavioural Health& Health Facilities) to operate a Drop-In Center.They rent the space and cover expenses for that program. If you need help for yourself or a loved one, come in and see us and we can give you the information you need to get started in recovery. We strive to be a safe place for people in recovery.

Bomar Club Recovery

A Safe Place for Recovery

Our center provides a welcoming environment for individuals on their journey to recovery. We offer complimentary coffee and snacks, although donations are gratefully accepted. Our recovery program involves several stages.

The first stage is the engagement stage, where individuals familiarize themselves with our center and services. Next, during the early recovery stage, they learn how to manage cravings and understand their addiction’s roots. Finally, in the active recovery and maintenance stage, individuals work to sustain their progress and apply their newfound skills.

At all times, we ensure there’s someone available for a chat whenever needed, offering a friendly ear and empathetic support. We believe in walking together on this path to recovery.

What to Expect

Welcoming Environment: From the moment you walk through our doors, you’ll find a space that is warm, safe, and welcoming. The Bomar team is always ready to provide support and assistance as needed.

Orientation: On your first visit, you’ll be introduced to the center, our team, and the services available to you.

Refreshments Available: Throughout your stay, you’re invited to enjoy complimentary coffee and snacks. It’s our way of making sure you feel at home and comfortable.

Open Support: Without a structured program, you have the freedom to engage with our resources at your own pace. Whether you’re here for a quick chat or a longer conversation, you’ll find the support you need.

Ready to Listen: Our compassionate team members are always available for a conversation whenever you need it. Whether you’re seeking advice, empathy, or simply a listening ear, we’re here to help.

Community Interaction: The center is a hub for individuals undergoing similar journeys. Engage in mutual support, share experiences, and build relationships with others who understand what you’re going through.

Voluntary Donations: While our services are offered free of charge, we gratefully accept voluntary donations. These contributions help us maintain the services we provide and extend our reach to those who need us most.

Our ultimate goal at the Bomar Drop-In Center is to support you in your journey to recovery. We’re here to offer a safe, welcoming space where you can find connection, understanding, and the support you need to heal.

Volunteers Needed

Join our dedicated volunteer team at the Bomar Drop-In Center for Recovery. By volunteering, you’re not just giving your time – you’re enhancing our community’s strength and offering vital support to individuals on their recovery journey. Plus, to appreciate your efforts, we offer various incentives, making your experience at Bomar beneficial, fulfilling, and rewarding. Together, we can make a difference.

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Upcoming Events

Recovery Event

September 23, 2023

United in Recovery (Annual)

We hold an annual event to bring awareness that recovery is possible and sustainable. We invite members of the community and it is always a free event.  Jackson County Courthouse lawn! 10:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.

October 30, 2023

Halloween Party/ Costume Contest

Bring all of your ghosts, goblins and witches and join us for a spooky time!  Pumpkin decorating, snacks, games, and creepy prizes!

Thanksgiving Dinner

The Day before Thanksgiving

We always have a Thanksgiving Dinner for families in the community every year, usually on the day before Thanksgiving.

Christmas Dinner

The (week) day before Christmas.

We always have a Christmas dinner for families in the community every year, typically the (week) day before Christmas.

Easter Egg Hunt

The Saturday before Easter

We do an Easter Egg Hunt every year, the Saturday before Easter.

What some of our visitors have to say about our Center.

The BoMar Club is my home away from home. When I first came into recovery I was full of fear about where I would go for recovery in this county. Then someone suggested the BoMar Club. I walked in the doors not knowing what to expect, and what I found was a family. The people are willing to do anything for me at any time. They are always there to offer support, friendship, and love beyond belief. The BoMar Club has helped with my recovery by offering meetings that keep me on track and fellowship that allows me to be myself in a setting that makes me comfortable. Without BoMar and all the people there, I wouldn't be where I am at today. I have 4 years clean. It's a great place of recovery and a home away from home to those wanting to continue their recovery.

- Kara

What some of our visitors have to say about our Center.

The BoMar is unlike any other place I have been. They have become my extended family. There is always someone there who can steer me in the right direction. They helped save my life. I am truly blessed to have a place like the BoMar to go to.

- Megen

What some of our visitors have to say about our Center.

The BoMar Club has been a great place to go and learn about alcoholism and addiction. I have learned how to get along with different people and personalities. I have learned steps to take to help keep my attitude positive, even in bad times. I never knew how to do that before. I have learned how to look at my part in my problems and not blame them on other people like I used to. I am a happier person now.

- Anonymous

What some of our visitors have to say about our Center.

I look forward to going to The BoMar Club and seeing some of my new friends every week. I have learned that my recovery is my responsibility and that there are people here to help. I need to hang with the winners and stay away from the losers.

- Anonymous

What some of our visitors have to say about our club.

It is good to know that there are other people who are like me.
I can talk about my problem with people who have the same problem without feeling like I am being judged.

- Anonymous

A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

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Donations can be sent to:

The BoMar Club Inc.
306 N. Church St.
Ripley, WV 25271
or call (304)372-3722

Thanks so Much For your Support!

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